Bitcoin investors willing to die before they get out of their cryptos

According to a Twitter poll conducted by Peter Schiff, 57% of Bitcoin investors would be willing to die before they leave their cryptosystems. Even if the price of the main digital currency does not exceed $10,000, they would prefer to keep their crypts.
In Monday’s poll, the controversial anti-Bitcoin investor asked his question rhetorically. It deals with his certainty in an alleged debacle of the main crypt currency.
Schiff closes the poll with the question of how long Bitcoin investors are willing to keep their crypts before „throwing in the towel. Given the overwhelming result, one could conclude that almost 60% of the holders would be willing to die with their BTCs in storage, if the price of the BTC does not exceed $10,000.

Bitcoin Investors Show Confidence in Kryptonian Success

The most important fact that stands out from this is the enormous certainty of the holders in the success of Bitcoin. In the same survey, 13.4% of those who answered the question said that they would keep their BTCs in stock for a period of 10 years.
This means that more than 71% consider keeping their saved crypto-currencies for a long period of time until their price exceeds the mentioned barrier.
It should be noted that, unlike Fiat money, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency. Therefore, this fact is that, given the limited number of existing units, coupled with the growing adoption of it, it indicates that its price is inevitably bound to rise.
A cursory look at the historical price chart of the main cryptomone shows that Bitcoin Loophole investors would be right. Keeping their savings as long as necessary, until the price improves, is a decision based on verifiable facts.
Currently, the price of Bitcoin has remained at a low level of volatility for more than two months, just compared to 2010. The value of the most important of the crypto currencies, at the time of writing, is about $9,200. Since Halving, the price of the crypto currency has fluctuated between $9,000 and $9,100, with brief exits above and below that price.